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Last Updated on July 17, 2011

Lady GaGa visit Sweden at Sommarkrysset, Gröna...
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This sunny July morning begins with another resounding hacking notification.

This time is Lady Gaga’s turn, whose U.K. Web Site, according to Daily Mirror, has been hacked and thousands of her fans’ personal details consequently stolen during the attack and made public.

The attack has been performed by the Hacker Group Swagsec, on June 27, but was made public only this week. The reasons are probably related to the claims according to which she uses the gay community to sell records.

An anonymous source said: “She’s upset and hopes police get to the bottom of how this was allowed to happen.”

Universal said yesterday:

“The hackers took a content database dump from www.ladygaga.co.uk and a section of email, first name and last name records were accessed. There were no passwords or financial information taken.

“We take this very seriously and have put in place additional measures to protect personally identifiable information. All those affected have been advised.”

SwagSec have also targeted other Universal artists recently including Amy Winehouse and Justin Bieber.

In an unrelated incident, an 18-year-old German hacker who leaked tracks by Gaga in 2009 was recently jailed for 18 months.

I must confess that these vacations are proving to be very interesting from my information security professional perspective. In the last weeks. each night I go to sleep wondering what further data breach will be notified the morning after… (un)luckily my expectations have almost never been unattended…

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