I have been working in the information security arena for the last 20 years. After Lastline (now VMWare), and Cisco (through the acquisition of OpenDNS), I am now a Senior Sales Engineer and a Cyber Intelligence Principal in Netskope.

I started this project in 2011, when every day started with a new attack by the anonymous. I was inspired by a Thomson Reuters chart, which is no longer available, but can still be found in my original post of that time.

Ever since I am patiently collecting the main cyber attacks (according to my personal judgement) in timelines published on a bi-weekly basis (sometime I am not able to publish them in a timely manner, but for me this is just a very time-consuming hobby). I have been changing the format of the timelines over the years to make them consumable in a better fashion, while storing the raw data for the historical memory.

Yes the raw data, since 2011, it is available for any requester. Just drop me an email at ppasseri@gmail.com and I will be happy to share it! You can use the data as you need, and I ask only you the favor to quote the source (and please don’t do like some Italian folks in the past who did publications without quoting the source).

Also I would appreciate if you can share the blog across the community, and if you want to connect, my social profiles are below:

Stay safe!

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  1. Kiki

    Hi Mr. Passeri,

    I have sent you an email to request access to the data for my (econometrics) graduation project. The data will be used for scientific purposes and I will quote you accordingly, as you have asked. It would be very helpful for my project.

    Best regards,


    1. Paolo Passeri

      I don’t think I ever received your request. Please send me a valid gmail address to ppasseri@gmail.com, and I will give you access to the data.

  2. Ben

    I am a graduate student pursuing research in the field of mathematics. I am writing to inquire about the possibility of obtaining access to data related to data breaches. If it is possible, I kindly request your assistance in providing access to the relevant data. I assure you that any information provided will be used solely for academic research purposes and quote the source. I’d already sent an email to you nine days ago if you kindly sent it, I’ll be very grateful to you.

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Hi Ben, please share a valid gmail address with me (ppasseri@gmail.com) and I will give you access to the data.

  3. Zaid Almahmoud

    Hi Paolo, Great work indeed! Thanks a lot for your hard work and your response!

  4. Gerald Auger

    Paul, Tried to connect via LI, and connect DM you on Twitter. Would like to get access to the data set for a project. You had expressed interest in sharing. Please let me know.

  5. Zaid Almahmoud

    Hi, Paolo, thank you very much. I am trying to contact you since a while to get the data for my Phd research. I have not received any response so I am wondering if you still use the email above?

    Thanks a lot.

  6. Gemma Smyth

    Hi Paolo,

    Website is great, I’ve been on this yesterday and today – today alot of the tabs are down though!? Just thought I would let you know

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Thanks Gemma. A plugin upgrade went south, but it should work now!

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