I have been working in the information security arena for the last 20 years. After Lastline (now VMWare), and Cisco (through the acquisition of OpenDNS), I am now a Senior Sales Engineer and a Cyber Intelligence Principal in Netskope.

I started this project in 2011, when every day started with a new attack by the anonymous. I was inspired by a Thomson Reuters chart, which is no longer available, but can still be found in my original post of that time.

Ever since I am patiently collecting the main cyber attacks (according to my personal judgement) in timelines published on a bi-weekly basis (sometime I am not able to publish them in a timely manner, but for me this is just a very time-consuming hobby). I have been changing the format of the timelines over the years to make them consumable in a better fashion, while storing the raw data for the historical memory.

Yes the raw data, since 2011, it is available for any requester. Just drop me an email at [email protected] and I will be happy to share it! You can use the data as you need, and I ask only you the favor to quote the source (and please don’t do like some Italian folks in the past who did publications without quoting the source).

Also I would appreciate if you can share the blog across the community, and if you want to connect, my social profiles are below:

Stay safe!

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  1. Zaid Almahmoud

    Hi, Paolo, thank you very much. I am trying to contact you since a while to get the data for my Phd research. I have not received any response so I am wondering if you still use the email above?

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Gemma Smyth

    Hi Paolo,

    Website is great, I’ve been on this yesterday and today – today alot of the tabs are down though!? Just thought I would let you know

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Thanks Gemma. A plugin upgrade went south, but it should work now!

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