The LulzSec Boat is Back (and sails under The SUN)

The storm which hit the media empire of Rupert Murdoch has rapidly spread over the web. Yesterday night I was fighting against my summer insomnia, when the silence of a quiet July summer night has been broken by a storm of tweets from the LulzSec boat (immediately followed by a predictable bunch of Anonymous echoes).

I could not help typing, but when I detected this first storm of tweets and consequently went to SUN Home page, the defacement was already completed, so I missed the bogus story on Rupert Murdoch’s death, which the hacker group posted on the home page of the SUN.

Bogus Murdoch Death (

But this does not mean that I was not able to taste the the hacking ability of the LulzSec boat as well: with great surprise I noticed that the front page was only apparently correct, since after few sconds I was redirected to the LulzSec Twitter account. Few after a new storm of tweets from the Lulz Boat flooded the Internet:

I also was able to capture some wireshark traces, showing the redirect to the LulzSec Twitter account.

Not satisfied with the defacement, the Hacker Group also decided to divulge the email, password info and phone numbers for one Rebekah Wade—Brooks’ maiden name—along with many others from Murdoch’s tabloid crew.

So it looks like the #antisec wave has hit the shores of the Murdoch Media Empire under the new declination of #MurdochMeltdownMonday. This is probably due both to the huge echo raised by the phone hacking scandal involving News Of The World, another piece of the Murdoch Empire, but another possible reason may rely on the critical and ironical position held by Murodoch’s tabloids against the hacking group: see for instance the article describing Ryan Cleary’s arrest from The Sun perspective.

Probably the group did not like the excessive use of terms such as geek or nerdy teenager, and hence decided to have a memorable revenge…

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