Last Updated on February 27, 2020

A new timeline is here! Today we have the list of the main cyber attacks occurred in the second half of January 2020 (you can find the first one at this link). In this timeline I have collected a total of 83 events, if we consider that 7 of them occurred in the first half of the same month, we are in line with the previous timeline.

Ransomware continues to be the main threat characterizing the cyber crime landscape. This fortnight has seen multiple additional high-profile targets, including Gedia, the City of Potsdam, Electronic Warfare Associates, and Bird Construction. In reality, the situation is getting even worse, since the ransomware gangs are starting to leak the data for those victims that refuse to pay the ransom.

Moving to Cyber Espionage, the most interesting event is probably the cyber intrusion against Mitsubishi Electric, occurred on June 2019, and allegedly carried out by a Chinese state-sponsored actor dubbed Thick and the revelation that Jeff Bezos’ phone was purportedly hacked by Saudi Arabia. Interestingly enough, another high-profile Japanese target, NEC, has revealed to have been hit with a cyberattack in 2018 that resulted in unauthorized access to its internal network and the exposure of 28,000 files.

Other malicious actors that carried out Cyber Espionage operations include APT33, APT34, and the Konni Group.

Last but not least, the tension between the US and Iran, has left a trail of additional micro events, none of them particularly relevant from an impact perspective.

We are used to long timelines lately, and this one is no exception, so, as always, my humble suggestion is to browse it all, and share it with your peers to support my work and spread the risk awareness across the community.

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    I’m afraid the dates all show 01/01/1970 which seems to be an error.

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