December 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

And finally the last blog for the 2020 monthly statistics series is here! For sure you know that the statistics are derived from the corresponding timelines, and maybe you also know that in the next few days I will publish the aggregated data for 2020...

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October 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

t's time to publish the statistics for October derived from the two cyber attacks timelines. For this month, I have taken into consideration 223 events, despite you need to consider that 17 events alone are related to 17 companies, whose data (an aggregated of 34 million records) was put on sale on October 28.

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September 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

After the two cyber attacks timelines of September, it's time to publish the corresponding statistics. In this month I have collected a total of 201 events, which represents the new record, after the 197 of August. The Daily Trend chart reflects...

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July 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It's time to publish the statistics derived from the cyber attacks timeline of July (part I and part II). As previously mentioned this month has been characterized by ransomware (throughout the entire period, but we are used to it), and mega breaches, a trend that resurrected in the second part of the month. Easily predictable the two characterize the statistics of the month.

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May 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

After the second timeline of May, it's time to publish the corresponding statistics for the same month. In May, I have collected and analyzed 184 events, a number still in line with the previous months, despite the majority of the events occurred in the first half. Is the minor activity that characterized the second half of May the sign of an inverting trend ? It's probably too early to tell, but hopefully the next timelines will shed more light. The Daily Trend chart, shows...

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