Timeline of Cyber Attacks in Conjunction with the Pakistan and India Independence Days

As I previously mentioned in the 1-15 August Cyber Attack Timeline, I decided to build a dedicated timeline for the Cyber Attacks between India an Pakistan happened during the month of August as they reached an unusual peak in conjunction with the occurrence of the Independence Days in Pakistan (14 August), and India (15 August).

Actually the relationships between the two countries are not what I would define idyllic, and to confirm this scenario, a huge cyber espionage operation against BSNL the Indian state-owned Telco company, has recently surfaced. In any case, easily predictable, hackers of both sides contributed to add further fuel to the fire with an unusual peak of attacks concentrated around the dates of the Independence Days. These attacks have not the sophistication typical of state-sponsored operations, since are mainly “limited” to defacements (so the damage is more symbolic than practical). However, in several cases the targets are of very high profile (as in the case of the Facebook pages of the Pakistan Army).

A short (probably non-exhaustive) summary follows:

India Pakistan TL

Also notice that during the same Period Pakistan was targeted by an unprecedented wave of Cyber Attacks by Afghan Hackers.

Pakistan Afghanistan

This is indeed quite curious since the attacks came nearly in contemporary of the first football match between the two countries in Kabul after 36 years (and the first home match of the Afghanistan national team after 10 years). For the chronicle, in the real world, Afghanistan’s footballers have won 3-0 over Pakistan.


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