May 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It's time to publish the statistics derived from the cyber attacks timeline of May (Part I and Part II). In this month I have collected a total of 130 events, a sharp decrease from the 155 recorded in April. The Daily Trend of Events chart shows...

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Q1 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It's time to collate the data collected in the timelines of Q1 2019. I have pulled together some statistics that I will try to keep up-to-date when new timelines are published. Please, before asking me where the data comes from, have a look at the cyber attack timelines, as these are the sources of the graphs that you will find below.

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December 2018 Cyber Attacks Statistics

And after the timelines (part I and part II), it's time to publish the last statistics for 2018. related to December, a month that has seen a slight decrease in the level of activity (oh the Christmas atmosphere). I have collected 106 events, 20 less than November.

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