16-31 October 2018 Cyber Attacks Timeline

It's time to publish the second timeline of October, covering the main events occurred between October 16 and October 31 (the first timeline is here). The total number of collected events is 58, showing a light increase compared with the 54 events of the previous fortnight.

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December 2018 Cyber Attacks Statistics

And after the timelines (part I and part II), it's time to publish the last statistics for 2018. related to December, a month that has seen a slight decrease in the level of activity (oh the Christmas atmosphere). I have collected 106 events, 20 less than November.

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16-31 December 2018 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Christmas holidays are gone, and it's time to turn the page on this 2018 with the second timeline of December, the last one for the year just gone. Cyber Espionage is the main element of this timeline, with at least two...

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1-15 December 2018 Cyber Attacks Timeline

t's time to publish the first timeline of December, covering the main cyber attacks occurred in the first half of the same month. In this fortnight have collected a total of 57 events (plus two that occurred in November that I included in this timeline), the same number of the second timeline of November, which confirms a sustained level of activity.

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July 2018 Cyber Attacks Statistics

I have just published the second timeline of July, and now I can finally post the statistics for the same month. Let's start saying that this month was surprisingly rich in terms of events (I collected 130 records vs. 96 in June), maybe the crooks wanted to complete their home works before going to vacation.

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