May 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

After the second timeline of May, it's time to publish the corresponding statistics for the same month. In May, I have collected and analyzed 184 events, a number still in line with the previous months, despite the majority of the events occurred in the first half. Is the minor activity that characterized the second half of May the sign of an inverting trend ? It's probably too early to tell, but hopefully the next timelines will shed more light. The Daily Trend chart, shows...

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April 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Let's go with the statistics derived from the cyber attacks timelines of April (part I and part II). This month I have collected and analyzed 189 events, so the overall level is still high and in line with February (186) and March (179). Undoubtedly the pandemic continues to characterize the threat landscape.

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February 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Another day, another set of monthly statistics. Today we have the charts derived from the cyber attacks timelines of February (Part I and Part II). Even if February had only 29 days, I have collected a total of 186 events. This is the probably the higher number that I remember. The high number of events is immediately visible from...

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January 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It's time to publish the statistics derived from the cyber attacks timelines of January 2020 (Part I and Part II). This month I have collected a total of 151 event, a value essentially in line with December 2019 (157 events).

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2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

As I promised few days ago, I have aggregated and analyzed the events collected in the cyber attacks timelines for the whole 2019, producing some (hopefully) interesting stats. At the end the total sample is composed of 1802 events, which is a sharp increase in comparison with the 1337 of 2018. Feel free to browse the charts to have an overall idea for the threat landscape of the year just gone.

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November 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

I can finally summarize the statistics derived from the timeline of November. In this month I have collected 135 events, corresponding to a 11% decrease compared with October when the timelines included a total of 156 events.

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October 2019 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Finally my effort of catching up with the blog updates is over (at least for now), and I can publish the statistics for October, statistics derived from the corresponding timelines (part I and part II) that I published recently. This month I have collected 156 events, a value comparable to August (160), and around 11% higher than September (140).

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