My name is Paolo Passeri, and I was born 48 years ago in Senigallia, a charming town on the Adriatic coast (County of Le Marche) known for its Velvet Beach. After graduating in (astro)physics from the University of Milan, I moved to Rome and began to cut my teeth on networks and security in Matisse SPA and later in Telindus.

I have been working steadily on computer security industry for more than 15 years. Currently I am a Cyber Intelligence Principal at Netskope.

After a youth spent fiddling with a ZX Spectrum (16K), the real attraction for networking (and later for security) would break out after many years, in a completely random manner, when I was studying black holes (we were talking about attraction, weren’t we?) at CNR (National Research Council) of Milan. With great surprise I discovered to be more attracted by the animated S of the Mosaic browser, used without any knowledge to browse the catalogs of the Hubble telescope, rather than by black holes and neutron stars that I should have studied.

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  1. Karen McGee

    Hello, is there a process to request permission to use some of your graphic tables in an educational setting (with copies distributed)? Thanks!

  2. pooja mankar

    Hello Sir,

    Myself Pooja from India working as a faculty member in college in computer dept.As I m interested in cyber crime analysis and doing research in cyber crime analysis .While searching different sites today I come to know about ur site it is very interesting and informative Would it be possible for you to provide the raw data of cyber attacks? I would like to do further analysis on the attack category.My mail id is [email protected]


  3. Luca

    Hi Paolo,
    thank you again for your great work. I was wondering if you could send me too your raw data. I would really appreciate it and it would be very useful for my ongoing research on cybercrime and cybersecurity.
    Thank you again

  4. Dave

    Hi Paolo,

    Thanks for the amazing resource. I’m doing some work in which I’d like to use your data, but haven’t found consistent links to the spreadsheets. As with Rebecca, I can go through each month and download what you have, but it would be very useful to have access to the raw data. If that’s not possible, the resource is still extremely useful, so thanks!

    1. Paolo Passeri

      You need a gmail address!

  5. Rebecca


    I am currently a masters student at American University and I am working on a statistics project in which I would love to use your data. While I can certainly compile it by going through each month and downloading what you have, I would greatly appreciate if you would be willing to send me the raw data. If not I still want to say thank you for the fantastic resource!

    1. Paolo Passeri

      I sent you an email with the information I need to give you access.

  6. The Boss

    Hey Paolo,
    This is an amazing resource.
    The Boss

  7. Sumeet Kumar

    Dear Paolo,

    I am a researcher in cyber attacks and social networks. I am trying to find hints of cyber attacks on social networks. It will be great if you could share your raw data with me. I will certainly cite your website in our work.

    Please keep up the nice work.

  8. Peter

    Dear Paolo,
    What a great website!
    Currently I’m writing my master thesis, topic/ question: is there a relation between cyber threat actors, their intentions and ways of attack?

    Could you be so kind to sent me some recent raw data? I’m also wondering if you’ve got a list with common attack tools (like DDoS/ SQL etc.), and are willing to share that as well?
    Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward to your e-mail.

    My e-mailadres: [email protected].

    Best, Peter

  9. Jack


    Great work on the data! The dedication is fantastic. Is there anyway I can get a link to the complete raw data?


  10. Gil

    Your work is fantastic. is there any possibility to gain access to your raw data?

    thanks you!

  11. Dillon Narry

    Hello, my name is Dillon. First, I’d like to applaud you on your work. From all my searches you have the most comprehensive listing of cyber incidents that I have seen. Second, I am a student at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. We are currently working on an online searchable cyber attacks database (not dissimilar from the Global Terrorism Database if you’re familiar) and I was wondering if we could use your data? You would obviously receive the credit and I would personally make sure your name and website are published to our database. It would definitely be a huge help!


    1. Paolo Passeri

      Dillon, no problem. I am sending you the link with the share. A credit is highly appreciated.

  12. B. Schuster

    Hi Paolo,
    Your work is amazing! IEveryday i am looking for hackmageddon. I have a question: whats with the Hacks of June? I’m missing them…

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Unfortunately I am late this month, I am working on it though. The stats be available early next week.


  13. Miguel

    Hi Paolo,

    I think you work is amazing, and thank you for you time and dedication of this project. Actually i´m working in a security threats and incidents reports, i would like to know if you could share me your raw data?
    My Email address is [email protected]

    Keep up on this amazing work!!!!

  14. Márcio Azevedo

    Incredible job ! Congratulations on your research and patience. It is impossible to find similar information as on your site!

  15. SecResearch

    This is great information and thank you for providing. However, do you happen to have the aggregated quarterly or annual statistics, as opposed monthly?

    1. Paolo Passeri

      I can give you the raw data from where you can derive the needed information, i just need a gmail address.

  16. Adam Benson

    Hi Paolo,

    Forgive me if you’ve seen this post twice. I’m right now doing a report on remote access Trojans. It would be great to get some new information and include you as an expert in our report. Would you be interested in discussing further? If so, how could I reach you?

  17. anon

    Not sure if this is intentional or not, but you posted on your January timeline that Pay Ivy .com was compromised and 10,000 passwords were dump in plain text. There are no proof to back this up. PayIvy didn’t even have 10,000 users back in January 2015 and any business with some common sense wouldn’t put password in plain text. Also there is no proof whatsoever this has ever happened. I would advice you to check and verify your sources before publishing them.

  18. Mohammed

    thanks a lot, it’s really great work, Would it be possible to have the raw data 2011-2015 for my theses please, because I want to look for a specific country.

  19. Mike

    Hi Paolo,

    This work is fantastic. Would it be possible for you to provide the raw data of cyber attacks? I would like to do further analysis on the attack category, target, and region.



  20. Iwan

    Hi Paolo,

    I am very much enjoying the data available on your website, some of which is useful for a project we are currently working on. Do you happen to have any graphs or statistics which cover the evolution of cyber attacks over the last 25 (or longer) years?

    Keep up the good work!



    1. Paolo Passeri

      Hi Iwan, unfortunately I have the data only for 2011-2015 (so far).

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