Motivations December H2 2023

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Attack Techniques December H2 2023

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Finally I have been able to publish the last cyber attacks timeline for 2023. Maybe it was the Christmas atmosphere, in any case the second fortnight of December confirmed the decreasing trend with 120 events, down from 140 of the previous timeline.

This decreasing trend characterized also the ransomware landscape (26 out of 120 events directly or indirectly related, corresponding to 21.7%, down from 35.5% recorded in the first half of December 2023); a decrease that was also detected in the percentage of malware attacks (30% vs 46.7%). For what concerns the exploitation of vulnerabilities, it played a part in 15 events, corresponding to 12.5%, very close to 13.3% of the previous timeline

In the same period, there were also several mega breaches, like the one affecting Xfinity (36 million users affected), the Iran’s leading food ordering service SnappFood (20 million users compromised), or even HealthEC (4.5 million individuals compromised).

In the fintech sector, the peer-to-peer trading platform NFT Trader fell victim to a security incident resulting in the theft of nearly $3 million in non-fungible tokens. Similarly threat actors stole $59 million from 63,21 victims, via a cryptocurrency drainer named ‘MS Drainer’.

Threat actors primarily from Iran (Muddywater and APT33), and Russia (APT28 and UAC-0099) characterized the cyber espionage front. Similarly, hacktivist groups from Iran such as Cyber Av3ngers, Cyber Toufan, and Homeland Justice were quite active, together with old acquaintances such as the Russian NoName057(16). Another remarkable action carried out from an hacktivist group was the disruption of 70% of gas stations throughout Iran claimed by the Israel-linked group Predatory Sparrow.

This timeline is particularly long, so my suggestion is always the same: browse the timeline, and obviously share it to support my work in spreading the risk awareness across the community. And don’t forget to follow @paulsparrows on X (formerly Twitter,) or even connect on Linkedin, or Mastodon for the latest updates.

Geo Map December H2 2023

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Creating the timelines is a very time-consuming task.

Any little helps!


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The “Breachometer” compares the current number of events/day with the max and min values recorded in the previous 12 months.


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