It really looks like that October won’t change the trend of the latest months: the level of cyber activity continues to be quite sustained, and this first half of the month was no exception: I have collected a total of 138 events (corresponding to 9.2 events/day), completely in line with the previous fortnights.

Ransomware is a primary attack vector even in this timeline, but its percentage remains around 20% (21.7% precisely, corresponding to 30 out of 138 events, very close to 19.3% of the previous timeline and far for the highest peaks of this year, so far, close to 30%).

Even the impact of vulnerabilities seems to have taken a decreasing trend. In this timeline the exploitation of software flaws characterized 9.4% of events (13 out of 138), slightly down from 11.4% of the previous timeline.

And unfortunately the first half of October was no exception even in terms of massive events hitting fintech platforms: Binance, Mango Markets, and Transit Swap were hit hard, with total losses exceeding the equivalent of $700M in crypto assets.

The situation in Ukraine continues to characterize the cyber space, but the focus is shifting towards hacktivism. In particular the Russian collective KillNet was quite busy taking down targets in the US (governments and airports) and in Bulgaria. Similarly pro-Ukraine hacktivists hit multiple targets in Russia, in the public and private sector.

The cyber espionage front was also rich of campaign: POLONIUM, Budworm, Earth Aughisky, and WIP19 are only few examples of the threat groups whose campaigns were unearthed in this timeline.

Even in this fortnight, the list is too long to be summarized in few words (this one in particular), so my suggestion is to enjoy the interactive timeline and the tabular format, and obviously thanks for sharing it, and supporting my work in spreading the risk awareness across the community. As always, don’t forget to follow @paulsparrows on Twitter, or even connect on Linkedin, for the latest updates.

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Geo Map October H1 2022

The “Breachometer” compares the current number of events/day with the max and min values recorded in the previous 12 months.

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