As you can easily imagine, the first cyber attacks timeline of March 2022 is characterized by the invasion of Ukraine carried out by the Russian Federation, which is obviously  affecting the cyber space as well.

I tried to keep the pace with the multiple attacks that the Anonymous and their affiliates have carried out against Russian assets, probably the timeline is a little bit confused and there are some overlaps, hopefully you will appreciate the effort. At the end I have collected 17 events related to the Anonymous (17% of the sample given that this timeline has 100 records) and 13 events (13% of the sample) related to Cyber Warfare.

This complicated situation has also impacted the cyber espionage front, where there have been multiple operations connected with the Ukrainian situation, such as the ‘Asylum Ambuscade’ carried out by the Belarusian actor Ghostwriter and targeting European government personnel involved in managing the logistics of refugees fleeing Ukraine (and this is not the only operation by the same group present in this timeline). Other actors involved in the Ukrainian situation involve the Chinese group ‘Mustang Panda’. Other state-sponsored threat actors that appear in this timeline include APT28, APT31, and APT41.

Ransomware attacks drop to a 8% low (despite the real number is probably much higher given that in multiple cases, appearing in the timeline as ‘Unknown’, the organizations do not disclose the reason of the attack that led to an outage. Similarly, also the attacks caused by vulnerabilities reached the lower value of the last few months with 7%.

Last but not least, the $Lapsus extortion group started its hacking spree, leaking the source code of a well-known manufacturer of mobile devices.

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The “Breachometer” compares the current number of events/day with the max and min values recorded in the previous 12 months.

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