Let’s start the new infosec year with the first cyber attacks timeline of December 2021. In this timeline I have collected 123 events, with a daily average number of 8.2 events, a sharp increase compared to the 100 events collected in the previous timeline (corresponding to a daily average number of 6.67 events/day). Ransomware continues to dominate the threat landscape with a percentage of events directly or indirectly characterized by this attack vector corresponding to 23.6% (29 out of 123 events), very close to the value of the previous timeline (22%).

Another constant trend is the impact of vulnerabilities which characterized 14 out of 123 events (corresponding to 11.4% of events and again very close to 10.4% of the previous timeline). December 2021 will be remembered in the annals of cybersecurity for the severe log4shell vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) targeting Apache log4j servers, additionally threat actors are continuing to exploit vulnerabilities in the Zoho’s products.

The first half of December has also seen a new rise in the number of attacks targeting fintech startups: four entities have been severely hit with a total loss of nearly $380 million worth.

Threat actors motivated by cyber espionage continue to be particularly active, especially Nobelium the threat actor behind the Solarwinds massive supply-chain attack, still pretty active against cloud service providers, and also author of a new campaign against French organizations. Other state-sponsored actors active in this period include: Charming Kitten, APT27, and StrongPity. New threat actors were also discovered using innovative attack techniques such as RTF Injection. At least a threat actor, Nickel, suffered a strong blow when its infrastructure was taken down by security researchers.

Last but not least, another interesting element of this timeline is the discovery of several opeations using fake social media account to manipulate the public opinion (coordinated inauthentic behavior).

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The “Breachometer” compares the current number of events/day with the max and min values recorded in the previous 12 months.

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