Last Updated on February 18, 2021

It’s time to publish the cyber attacks statistics derived from the corresponding timelines that I have recently posted (part I and part II).

In January I have collected 160 events, a number that shows a sharp decrease compared to the previous months, despite you should consider that I counted the massive supply chain attack carried out via a compromised Solarwinds Orion update as a single operation.

That being said, there is nothing new under the pale January Sun: cyber crime leads the Motivations chart with nearly 90% of the recorded events, malware (read ransomware) continues to dominate the threat landscape characterizing 36.1% of the events, while the campaigns against multiple targets rank on top of the Target Distribution chart with 23.1%.

As always bear in mind that the sample refers exclusively to the attacks included in my timelines, available from public sources such as blogs and news sites. Obviously the sample cannot be complete, but only aims to provide an high level overview of the threat landscape.

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