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Cloud-Native Threats in 2021

I am starting a new project to track cloud-native threats, similarly to what I have done in 2020, with an interactive timeline. As soon as I collect more data I will start to generate some statistics.

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December 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

And finally the last blog for the 2020 monthly statistics series is here! For sure you know that the statistics are derived from the corresponding timelines, and maybe you also know that in the next few days I will publish the aggregated data for 2020...

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16-31 December 2020 Cyber Attacks Timeline

And finally the last timeline for 2020 is published (in the next few days I will publish the statistics for December and the whole 2020). In this second timeline of December I have collected 97 events. Despite this number shows a clear decrease compared with the first timeline (where I collected 125 events), you need to consider that...

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