1-15 December 2020 Cyber Attacks Timeline

I am catching up with the cyber attacks timelines for this troubled 2020, which has nearly come to an end. I am happy to publish the first timeline of December, covering the most important events occurred in the first two weeks of this month. Before going into the details let me say that you will hopefully note a change. Starting from this timeline, I have decided to report three different dates for each event...

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1-15 November 2020 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Here we are with the first timeline of November, covering the main cyber attacks occurred in the first half of the same month (as usual with some additional events that were disclosed in the considered period). In this timeline I have collected 100 events, but this number also includes...

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October 2020 Cyber Attacks Statistics

t's time to publish the statistics for October derived from the two cyber attacks timelines. For this month, I have taken into consideration 223 events, despite you need to consider that 17 events alone are related to 17 companies, whose data (an aggregated of 34 million records) was put on sale on October 28.

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