Last Updated on November 20, 2020

Here we are, the first cyber attacks timeline of October is here! This list contains 100 events (including 7 occurred before), a number very close to the one recorded in the previous month (100). Needless to say, ransomware continues to characterize the landscape with 29 out of 100 events. The list of the high-profile victims continue to grow, and within ransomware events, an important role is still played by the Blackbaud breach: every week new educational or no-profit organizations join the list of the affected entities.

But cyber criminals were active also in other fronts: for example the card details of more than three million customers of Dickey’s Barbecue Pit have been posted in the dark web, Facebook has revealed the details of SilentFade, a sophisticated malware campaign defrauding Facebook users of more than $4 million, and a series of 240+ Android apps engaging in deceptive behavior, dubbed RAINBOWMIX, hqw netted cyber criminals a $150,000 daily profit.

In the crypto space, the most noticeable event is the theft of more than $22 million in funds from users of the Electrum wallet app. The chronicles also report of a $500,000 scam against the City of Franklin.

On the cyber espionage front threat groups as MuddyWater have been busy to exploit the ZeroLogon CVE-2020-1472 vulnerability. Similarly Silent Librarian is back to business, and busy to target educational institutions worldwide.

Last but not least, the proximity of US Elections has obviously influenced the cyber warfare landscape, which saw two disinformation campaigns driven by fake news sites and social network profiles.

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