Last Updated on October 27, 2020

Here we go with the first timeline of September, containing the main cyber attacks occurred in the first half of the month (plus a few of additional ones occurred outside this interval). The number of events continues to be quite high, and the amount of ransomware attacks has reached a new record: 46 events out of 104, corresponding to 44.2%. Two factors have probably contributed to this number: the start of the new school year with a fresh wave of cyber attacks against educational institutions, but also a growing number of organizations revealing to have their data leaked in the wake of the Blackbaud breach.

Another important element characterizing this timeline is the discovery of two massive operations carried out by the Magecart umbrella targeting a total of nearly 4,000 sites. The business of credit card skimmers is always flourishing if we also consider that another similar campaign was unveiled: a JavaScript skimmer dubbed Baka.

The last mention, among cybercrime-driven events, is for the theft of $7.5 million from the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, stolen and funneled into international accounts.

The Cyber Espionage front is equally quite active. The most noteworthy events are probably the attack against the Norwegian parliament (allegedly carried out by Russian actors), and the discovery of new campaigns carried out by APT28 (Russia), APT31 (China), and Rocket Kitten (Iran), targeting organizations and individuals involved in this year’s U.S. presidential election.

No more time for the summary. All the details are in the timeline. Once again, thanks for sharing it and supporting my work in spreading the risk awareness across the community. Also, don’t forget to follow @paulsparrows on Twitter, or even connect on Linkedin, for the latest updates.

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  1. Niall

    Hi Paolo,

    Thanks for producing these graphs, some very interesting data. I’m looking to use this data within my university studies and was hoping to get a csv containing all the data from 2011 – Present. This would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Sure thing! I am giving you access to the raw data! Good Luck!

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