Last Updated on January 7, 2020

Happy new infosec year! Let’s start this 2020 with the first timeline of December covering the main cyber attacks occurred during the first half of the same month. In this timeline I have collected a total of 83 events (including 6 that occurred before but were included in this timeline as well), a value that is back to the levels of the first half of November, and records a sharp increase in comparison to the previous one.

The list of the mega breaches has two new entries: the leak of 15 million debit cards in Iran (suspected as the work of an intelligence agency), and additional 460,000 cards in Turkey.

Ransomware continues to characterize the end of 2019: the number of victims grows month after month (governments, healthcare and educations institutions continue to be the top targets), the attacker’s demands are higher and higher ($6 million in case of Southwire Company, LLC), and in some cases the criminals also leak the data for those organizations that do not want to pay the ransom.

Another interesting aspect of this timeline is the unusual number (compared with the previous months) of Magecart attacks, which have done a comeback in this end of 2019. The list of victims in this fortnight includes Smith & Wesson’s, Sweaty Betty and Love Bonito.

On the Cyber Espionage front, the list of events is quite rich and includes operations carried out by old acquaintances such as APT28, APT32 (against BMW and Hyundai), Lazarus Group, and newcomers such as Gallum.

Now it’s time to browse the timeline, and to share it with your peers to support my work and spread the risk awareness across the community. And don’t forget to follow @paulsparrows on Twitter, or even connect on Linkedin, for the latest updates.

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