Last Updated on December 3, 2019

It’s time to publish the first timeline of November covering the main cyber attacks occurred in the first fifteen days of this month. In this timeline I have collected a total of 82 events including 8 that sneaked into this timeline from the previous month. All in all we are experiencing a slightly decreasing trend.

At least in this timeline we don’t have any mega breaches… However ransomware continues to be the threat that most characterizes this period: the new trend is to infect Managed Service Provider to increase the impact on end customer: ConnectWise and Everis are the most notable examples in this space. Of course many other organizations suffered the same attack, including Boardriders (the brand behind Quicksilver and Billabong), along with the usual plethora of schools, healthcare and many other organizations worldwide.

Cyber Espionage continues to be quite a hot front with some important campaigns unearthed in this fortnight, including the attack to the Indian Space Research Organization by the Lazarus Group, and the discovery of new campaigns carried out by Platinum APT and APT33.

And while the advent of the 5th of November created many exceptions among the hacktivists, at the end the actions were limited to Italy with some operations against central and local governments websites and the leak of 5.4 Gb of personal data belonging to the Italian customers of Lyca Mobile. Despite unrelated to Operation #FifthOfNovember, another interesting event to mention is the DDoS attack against the UK Labour Party, in proximity of the general election of December 12, and claimed by an old acquaintance like the Lizard Squad.

Now, stop talking! Feel free to browse the timeline, and don’t forget to share it to support my work and spread the concept of risk awareness across the community. Of course feel free to contribute, suggesting noticeable cyber events, and do not forget to follow @paulsparrows on Twitter, or even connect on Linkedin, for the latest updates.

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