The first timeline of September is finally here! In this fortnight I have collected 63 events (including 3 occurred at the end of August), so apparently the level of activity is decreasing compared to the first and second half of August (respectively 77 and 79 events). We’ll see if this is an isolated occurrence or the beginning of a new trend.

With regards to the recorded events, Business Email Compromise attacks are becoming a real problem, and a source of very high revenues for the attackers: a European subsidiary of Toyota Boshoku Corporation has lost $37 million after suffering a BEC scam, and the same fate has occurred to Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System (in this case “only” $4.2 million stolen), and the city of Unalaska (that has been able to recover $2.3 million from the nearly $3 million stolen).

And if the BEC is the new kid on the block, ransomware continues to be the plague of this 2019, with new victims (primarily schools) joining the list.

But as usual the list is too long to summarize and includes also a list of 220 million Facebook users possibly compromised thanks to an unsecured database (an event increasingly common in these cloud-native times), and several DDoS attacks against Wikipedia, World of Warcraft and two institutions in Hong Kong (where the political situation is rather unstable).

At this point you have no choice but browse the timeline, and also share it to spread the concept of risk awareness across the community. Of course feel free to contribute, suggesting noticeable cyber events, and do not forget to follow @paulsparrows on Twitter, or even connect on Linkedin, for the latest updates.

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