Last Updated on May 24, 2019

It’s time to collate the data collected in the timelines of Q1 2019. I have pulled together some statistics that I will try to keep up-to-date when new timelines are published. Please, before asking me where the data comes from, have a look at the cyber attack timelines, as these are the sources of the graphs that you will find below.

So the chart of the Monthly Attacks is not particularly surprising. At every new timeline I emphasize a growth in the number of attacks, and numbers don’t lie.

The following charts compare the distribution of Motivations: as expected malware leads the chart with an increase of 5 points in comparison to 2017.

The following chart shows e the Monthly Distribution of Motivations broken down across the different categories for 2019 (so far).

Unsurprisingly malware leads the chart of Top 10 Attack Distribution:

Individuals are still the preferred targets for crooks according to the Target Distribution Chart.

The following chart (Motivations by Sector) shows the breakdown of motivations for each target sector:

What follows is the breakdown of the attack techniques for the top 4 sectors:

What follows is the breakdown of the motivations for the top 4 sectors:

As always, bear in mind that the sample refers exclusively to the attacks included in my timelines, aiming to provide an high level overview of the “cyber landscape”.

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