Last Updated on December 30, 2018

It’s time to publish the first timeline of November, covering the main cyber attacks occurred between November 1st, and November 15th. For this fortnight, I have collected 67 events: one of the highest numbers I remember.

So it looks like that crypto scammers are flooding Twitter, this period has seen 6 operations promoting fake cryptovalues giveaways, carried out either hijacking verified Twitter accounts, or via fake verified accounts (like Elon Musk).

Another important event, in terms of cybercrime, concerns the breach occurred to HSBC, which hit about 1% of its U.S. customers.

The advanced actors are always on the spot: White Company, TEMP.Periscope, and an old acquaintance like APT29 are some protagonists of the advanced operations discovered and reported in this timeline.

And finally… Remember remember the 5th of November… The Italian institutions will remember it for sure, since they have been targeted by Op #FifthOfNovember, a spree of attacks carried out by local hacktivists affiliated with the Anonymous collective.

There are so many interesting events to browse, and the timeline is at your disposal for a complete view of the threat landscape (and also share it!). The timelines of the main Cyber Attacks in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and now 2018 are also available, and do not forget the Cyber Attack Statistics, and follow @paulsparrows on Twitter for the latest updates.

wdt_ID ID Date Author Target Description Attack Target Class Attack Class Country Link Tags
1 1 17/10/2018 ? Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Tallahassee Memorial Hospital reports the information of job applicants who applied to the facility may be at risk after a breach at Jobscience, a recruiting firm it uses. Unknown Q Human health and social work activities CC US Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Jobscience
2 2 01/11/2018 ? Austal Australian defence shipbuilder Austal is the victim of a data breach and an extortion attempt. The attackers gain access to ship designs and to some staff email addresses and mobile phone numbers. Fingers point to Iran. Unknown C Manufacturing CE? AU Austal, Iran
3 3 01/11/2018 Outlaw Multiple Targets Researchers from Trend Micro uncover an operation of a hacking group dubbed “Outlaw” involving the use of an IRC bot built in Perl Shellbot. Malware Y Multiple Industries CC >1 Trend Micro, Outlaw
4 4 01/11/2018 LulzSec ITA and AntiSec ITA Some Italian News Websites In name of Op #FifthOfNovember, the Italian branch of the Anonymous hacks several news websites. SQLi J Information and communication H IT Op #FifthOfNovember, Anonymous, Antisec ITA, LulzSec ITA
5 5 01/11/2018 ? St. Francis Xavier University Canadian St. Francis Xavier University shuts down the entire network following a cryptojacking attack which attempted to use its systems' computing power to mine for Bitcoin. Malware P Education CC CA St. Francis Xavier University, Crypto, Cryptojacking
6 6 01/11/2018 ? Single Individuals Researchers from trend Micro discover a new Trickbot module adding password stealing capabilities. Malware X Individual CC >1 Trend Micro, Trickbot
7 7 01/11/2018 ? Episcopal Health Services Episcopal Health Services notifies patients after employee email accounts are hacked. Account Hijacking Q Human health and social work activities CC US Episcopal Health Services
8 8 02/11/2018 ? HSBC Attackers gain access to some customer's information in HSBC, such as account numbers, balances, addresses, transaction history, etc.. The attack hits about 1% of U.S. accounts and occurred between October 4, 2018 and October 14, 2018. Credential Stuffing K Financial and insurance activities CC US HSBC
9 9 02/11/2018 ? Facebook Users Hackers appear to have compromised and published private messages from at least 81,000 Facebook users' accounts. Malicious Browser Extensions X Individual CC >1 Facebook
10 10 02/11/2018 AnonPlus Society of Authors and Publishers AnonPlus hacks the website of the Italian Society of Authors and Publishers (SIAE) and leak 4Gb of data. SQLi R Arts entertainment and recreation H IT AnonPlus, SIAE
ID Date Author Target Description Attack Target Class Attack Class Country Link Tags


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