This page collects all the attacks recorded so far in 2018. It will be updated when a new timeline is added. The table is shown in the bottom and can also be exported. You will also find show some interactive graphs and statistics compared, whenever possible, with the same period in 2017. You can also download the charts.

The following chart compares the total events in 2017 and 2018 on a monthly basis.

The daily detail is provided in the following charts, which also shows the breakdown for each category. The chart is interactive so you can see the single value scrolling over it. You can also select the single categories.

The following charts compare the distribution of motivations: as expected malware leads the chart with an increase of 5 points in comparison to 2017.

The following charts compare the monthly distributions broken down across the different categories for  2018 and 2017:

Malware leads the chart of the Top 10 Attack Techniques:

Individuals are still the preferred targets for crooks:

The following chart shows the breakdown of motivations for each target sector: