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Update 9:53 10 March 2016: a response (in Italian) was posted in the comments of the previous article and automatically spammed. My apologies for not checking it out before, but I am not notified when a comment is automatically spammed, and this was the case (why didn’t you notify me?). I will reply point-to-point but apparently this does not close the question and answer my enquiries: I asked (now formally) for raw data, not for the generic sources, and I asked to remove my data from the previous reports. I have no intention to restore a collaboration with Clusit.

So, three days has passed since my inquiries to my friends of CLUSIT, and still I have no answer… That’s quite strange, I do not think I have asked particularly challenging inquiries. Basically I have asked them:

1. To share the sources used to compile the statistics for the years 2014 and 2015, used respectively in the 2015 and 2016 editions of their Cybercrime report.

2. The reason why, in the same reports, they used my data for the 2011-2013 period despite I withdrew authorization.

3. An amendment to the past editions consisting in the removal of my data from the statistics related to the 2001.

I am confident I will receive an answer soon, but in the meantime I have decided to take a formal action to have the raw data. The 2014 edition of the report says that the data is available for whoever asked for it (footnote 18 in the top section at page 11, an excerpt is reported below), so what’s the problem with this?



Don’t run to Google Translate, here’s a translation for you:

Analysis of the main known international attacks

This study classifies and analyses a sample of more than 3,200 known cyber incidents occurred worldwide and in Italy during the last 42 months (from January 1st 2011 up to June 30 2014)18, selected among the ones who had a particularly meaningful impact for the victims in terms of economics, reputation of data leakage (not limited to personal data).
18 The detailed data dervied from this analysis, not reported here for space reasons are available via CLUSIT for whoever asked for it.

Please notice that this note does not appear in the 2015 report, maybe it’s a coincidence, but curiously it was removed after I withdrew the authorization to use my data for the 2014 report.

Anyway, you are basically telling me that I have been waiting for three days (so far) for something that should be available upon a simple request (at least for 2014)? Ok, no problem (I told to myself). I will drop them an email to formally ask for it.

And this is what I have done this morning:


 I hope I will get an answer this time. I am really keen to see the detailed raw data and to understand why mine was used without authorization.

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