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Great news! With this article, I have decided to change the timeline, moving from a static infographic-style format, to a tabular format, which allows to sort, filter and search for specific items inside the timeline.

Of course there is a price for everything: inserting and fitting the images (attackers’ avatars and targets’ logos) inside the table cells is time expensive, and as a consequence I have decided to remove them. The graphical look-and-feel will loose something, however I believe that the table usability is worth the price. I hope you will like it, and please let me know if you have comments/hints, etc. Also I left an Easter Egg after the table!

After this needed introduction, let’s have a look to the threat landscape of the second half of June.

From this standpoint, The Canadian cyberspace has suffered the worst consequences. The approval of the controversial bill C-51 has unchained a tide of attacks by the Anonymous collective against websites related to the Central Government and law enforcement agencies.

Other interesting events of include a DDoS attack against LOT Polish Airlines, which has forced 1,400 passengers of the carrier to remain grounded at the Warsaw Airport, a completely unprecedented attack of a baseball franchise (St. Louis Cardinals) against a competitor (Houston Astros), and the return of the infamous TeamGhostShell.

Enjoy the new timeline and, as usual, remember keep the level of attention very high. in the same time if you want to have an idea of how fragile our electronic identity is inside the cyberspace, have a look at the timelines of the main Cyber Attacks in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and now 2015 (regularly updated). You may also want to have a look at the Cyber Attack Statistics, and follow@paulsparrows on Twitter for the latest updates.

Also, feel free to submit remarkable incidents that in your opinion deserve to be included in the timelines (and charts).

1Jun 12?Algonquin CollegeA server hack at Algonquin College in Ottawa leaves the personal information of more than 1,000 former students vulnerable but no data was taken, according to the college.UnknownEducationCCCA
2Jun 12?Infosys LtdThe salary accounts of more than 23 employees of software major, Infosys, in several cities across the country are, hacked and money siphoned off.UnknownIndustry: SoftwareCCIN
3Jun 15?Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corp.The internal computer network of the state-run Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corp., which manages temporary storage sites for decontaminated waste from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, is infected by a computer virus.MalwareIndustry: waste treatmentCCJP
4Jun 16?>1Researchers from Palo Alto Networks reveal the details of a campaign dubbed “Operation Lotus Blossom” carried out via more than 50 attacks, executed via CVE-2012-0158, against government and military organizations across Southeast Asia over the last three years.Targeted AttackGovernment

5Jun 16St. Louis CardinalsHouston AstrosThe St. Louis Cardinals baseball franchise is investigated by the FBI for allegedly hacking into the network of the Houston Astros in order "to steal closely guarded information about player personnel”.UnknownSingle IndividualCCUS
6Jun 16?Bonnier PublicationsAttackers believed to have originated in China hack into the email of Bonnier Publications CEO Dave Freygang and steal $1.5 million with a fraudulent electronic transfer.Account HijackingIndustry: MediaCCSE
7Jun 16?EFnetEfnet, a major IRC network, is compromised, putting at risk, potentially, 35,000 users.Account HijackingForumCCCA
8Jun 16Phénoméne DzUniversity of Baltimore affiliated website ( officials investigate after a University of Baltimore affiliated website ( is defaced with a pro-ISIS message.DefacementEducationHUS
9Jun 17AnonymousCanadian Governments Web SitesMore than a dozen Canadian government departments are taken down by a DDoS attack. The Anonymous collective claims responsibility for the attack, against the controversial C-51 bill.DDoSGovernmentHCA
10Jun 17?, the Microsoft's website dedicated to fighting the US government on matters of policy and surveillance is hacked to display spam links to casino-related pages.Malicious Content InjectionIndustry: SoftwareCCUS
11Jun 17?German BundestagAccording to a report by G DATA, the German Bundestag is the target of a cyber attack carried on via a variant of the online banking trojan Swatbanker.Targeted AttackGovernmentCEDE
12Jun 17?LC Industries, Inc.LC Industries, Inc., which operates the Tactical Assault Gear website (, notifies 3,754 customers that malware discovered on the website has been used to gain access to personal information.MalwareIndustry: E-CommerceCCUS
13Jun 17?SussanFashion retailer Sussan takes down its own website for six days following “a security incident”.UnknownIndustry: ClothingCCAU
14Jun 18?Akorn, Inc.Akorn Inc., a niche pharmaceutical company has a customer database with more than 50,000 records compromised by a hacker who offers to sell the data on the dark web.SQLiIndustry: PharmaceuticalsCCUS
15Jun 19?Harvard UniversityHarvard discovers an intrusion on the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Central Administration information technology networks. A subsequent investigation reveals that eight schools and administrative organizations have been affected altogether.UnknownEducationCCUS
16Jun 19Iranian Hackers>1The Saudi documents leaked by WikiLeaks suggest that Iranian hackers could have infiltrated the system of a dozen countries, included the United States.Targeted AttackGovernmentCW>1
17Jun 14@THTHeraklesHyundai Motor Company@THTHerakles claims to have hacked the Brazilian branch of the motor corporation and dumps 350 records including userid, name, telephone number, email address, and other detailsSQLiIndustry: AutomotiveCCBR
18Jun 19?COA Network, Inc.COA Network, Inc. detects a pattern of irregular activity affecting its computer systems, and consequently reveals that all customer information could be potentially compromised.Brute ForceIndustry: SoftwareCCUS
19Jun 19?DungareesDungarees notifies an undisclosed number of customers that its website ( was attacked, and credit and debit card information may have been compromised.MalwareIndustry: E-CommerceCCUS
20Jun 19?Single Individuals700 images of women from "Brisbane and surrounding areas" are uploaded to an online forum, with a link to a New Zealand-based file-sharing service.UnknownSingle IndividualsCCAU
21Jun 20@ro0tedMontreal Police Union ( name of #OpC51, @ro0ted, a hacker affiliated with the Anonymous collective defaces the official website of Montreal Police Union ( Fraternité des policiers et policières de Montréal) against the approval of anti-terror law C-51 that weakens Internet privacy.DefacementOrg: Police UnionHCA
22Jun 21?LOT Polish AirlinesAround 1,400 passengers of LOT (the flag carrier of Poland) are stranded at Warsaw's Chopin airport after the flight plan system go down for around five hours after suffering a DDoS attack. Few days later some doubts emerge about the real nature of the attack.DDoSIndustry: AirlineCCPL
23Jun 21Kuroi’SHGoogle VanuatuA hacker going with the handle of Kuroi’SH defaces the Google Vanuatu domain ( in support for the freedom of Western Sahara.DNS HjiackingIndustry: Interent ServicesHVU
24Jun 22?Scrypt.ccCloud mining hash power online marketplace Scrypt.CC is hacked and a large, undisclosed amount of Bitcoin and hashing power is stolen.UnknownBitcoin Cloud MiningCCUS
25Jun 22?Katie HopkinsThe Twitter account of Katie Hopkins is hacked and posts several offensive tweets.Account HijackingSingle IndividualCCUK
26Jun 22?Waseda UniversityWaseda University admits that it took about half a year before it discovered that personal data on roughly 3,300 officials and students were leaked from an infected machine.MalwareEducationCCJP
27Jun 23APT3>1FireEye discovers a new phishing campaign carried on by the APT3 threat actor against organizations in several industries via CVE-2015-3113.Targeted Attack>1CE>1
28Jun 23@ro0tedIntelligent Transportation Systems ( name of #OpC51, @ro0ted dumps the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) website ( and dumps the details of several officers.UnknownOrg: TransportationHCA
29Jun 24@ro0tedPolice Association of Ontario, Canada ( name of #OpC51, @ro0ted hacks the Police Association of Ontario, Canada ( and leak personal details of its 1,300 employees and registered users.SQLiLaw EnforcementHCA
30Jun 24?47 US government agenciesRecorded Future, a CIA-backed startup, discovers login credentials and passwords for 47 US government agencies littered across the Internet, leaving federal agencies potentially at risk of cyberattack.UnknownGovernmentCCUS
31Jun 24?Hershey ParkHershey Park hires a security firm to investigate reports from multiple financial institutions about a possible credit card breach,UnknownIndustry: HospitalityCCUS
32Jun 24@str0ke_Wounds International ( hacker dubbed str0ke AKA @str0ke_ claims to have hacked Wounds International ( and dumps 12,999 unique emails and passwords, plus 4 administrator credentials.SQLiOnline ServicesCCUK
33Jun 24?Clarksville Town CourtPersonal information of thousands of individuals in Clarksville, Ind., might be compromised after Clarksville Town Court servers were hacked sometime earlier this week.UnknownGovernmentCCUS
34Jun 25@KyfxsecSPOTIFYMUSIC.SEA hacker called @Kyfxsec claims to have hacked SPOTIFYMUSIC.SE (a Spotify users forum) and dumps 4,432 usernames and passwords.SQLiOnline ForumCCSE
35Jun 27ASOR Hack Teamverdadegospel.comA team of hackers going with the handle of ‘ASOR Hack Team’ defaces a famous Protestant Brazilian online news portal ( against its anti-LGBT/same-sex marriage stance.DefacementNewsHBR
36Jun claims to have hacked and dumps 2000+ detailsSQLiGovernmentHIN
37Jun 28AnonOpsIndiaUnspecified coal siteAnonOpsIndia claims to have hacked an unspecified governmental site related to coal allocation and dumps several screenshots to prove the action,UnknownGovernmentHIN
38Jun 29TeamGhostShell>1After almost exactly 2 years and 6 months, the TeamGhostShell is back and dumps 444 databases from different targets.>1>1H>1
39Jun 29AnonghostUnited NationsThe hacktivist group AnonGhost defaces the official website of United Nations designated for the Kingdom of Jordan, leaving a message in support of free Palestine ( United NationsHJO
40Jun 29EXCiDiUMNC State UniversityA hacker called EXCiDiUM claims to have hacked the NC State University and dumps 1,338 usernames with clear text passwords.UnknownEducationCCUS
41Jun 30France?IranSecurity researchers at ESET publish the analysis of an apparently state-sponsored cyber-espionage tool used to target computers in Iran. The malware is named "Dino" by its developers and is described as a "full featured espionage platform." Suspects are directed to France.Targeted Attack>1CEIR
42Jun 30AerithCanadian Security Intelligence Service ( Canadian Security Intelligence Service website ( is down for the third time in the last 24 hours. A rogue hacker using the name "Aerith" claims responsibility for the outages.DDoSLaw EnforcementHCA

H Hacktivism

CC Cyber Crime
CE Cyber Espionage
CW Cyber War

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