Last Updated on June 5, 2015

As an ideal follow-up of my old post A (Graphical) World of Botnets and Cyber Attacks, I would like to mention a really interesting project unveiled by Deutsche Telekom few days ago. (the literal translation should sound similar to “security tachometer”) is based on the honeymap project (just like HoneyNet) and shows the real-time data of the early warning system of Deutsche Telekom operated from the operator and its partners. The map shows the attacks detected by the different sensors (Honeypots) with evidence of the countries in relation of the overall number of attacks and a live-ticker. sicherheitstacho

The interesting part of the Deutsche Telekom project is represented by the possibility to have also charts and stats related to:

  • Top 15 of Source Countries (Last month) – List of the top 15 countries source of attacks.
  • Top 5 of Attack Types (Last month) – List of the top 5 attacks per protocol.
  • Distribution of Attack Targets (Last Month) – Distribution of the attacks per target’s technology.
  • Overall sum of attackers per Day (Last Month) – Total number of attackers on a daily basis.
  • Overall sum of attacks per Day (Last Month) – Total number of alerts on a daily basis.

It’s really a little big planet from an information security perspective, isnt’it?

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