Last Updated on May 24, 2015

Yesterday, during the Italian Security Summit 2012, the Italian Clusit Association has unveiled the first Italian Cybercrime Report for which I acted as a contributor (in particular I compiled the section dedicated to the Italian Cyber Attacks), putting also at disposal my 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline for the Report’s introduction.

This is a great result for our Security Community, not only because such a similar holistic work had never been compiled before in Italy, but also because it pinpoints the possible trends and scenarios for 2012 and hence provide guidelines useful to delineate security strategies for professionals and organizations.

Most of all, the Report has been enriched by data collected by the Italian Cyber Police. An unprecedented event in Italy that provides a real deep insight the Cybercrime impacts in everyday life as never done before in our country.

Said in few words, it worths a read, and even if, so far, it is in Italian, we are working for a short English Version.

In the meantime I provide you with an amusing preview. In compiling the report, Andrea Zapparoli Manzoni, a dear friend and most of all one of the report contributors, did a great job by cataloguing all the 406 international attacks that I collected in my 2011 timeline. I consequently decided to summarize the results of this huge work in the following Infographic. The result is quite impressive, isn’t it?

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  1. mimoman

    E non e’ finita qui.

  2. Marco Bozzetti

    Just only for information, the Clusit report 2012 is’nt the “the first Italian Cybercrime Report”.
    Since 1997 I created within the FTI (Forum per la Tecnologia dell’Informazione) Association the cybercrime observatory in Italy, named “OCI, Osservatorio Criminalità Informatica”, published by Franco Angeli. The last book of the series was published in 2004 : “Crimine virtuale, minaccia reale”.
    By 2009 I restarted to publish a new observatory on the attacks to the enterprsise informatic systems named OAI, Osservatorio Attacchi Informatici in Italia, with the sponsorship of some Italian Associations, such as AIPSI-ISSA Italian Chapter, Assintel, Assolombarda, FidaInform, itSMF, Aused , FTI, Inforav, etc. The publisher is now Soiel International
    The OAI Reports are dowloadable free by

    My best regards.

    Marco Bozzetti

  3. ilgioa

    Quite interesting.
    Source of the data?
    A link to the report?


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