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Last Updated on November 14, 2011

Here in Italy the news went almost unnoticed, but today Cyber War News reported about a new dump of data leaked from the Italian Police performed by an hacker called #Securis.

This is not the first time the Italian Police falls victim of an attack: in July the Italian Cyber Police (CNAIPIC) was targeted by a resounding attack which led to the alleged leak of 8 Gb of Data (yes because the whole dump was never released and the attack has many dark points so that someone thinks that it was a fake attack orchestrated by a competitor of one of the contractors currently working with the Police). Moreover, few days later a Police Contractor, Vitrociset, was defaced and the details of 100 users, including the Administrators, released on the Internet.

But as far as the last alleged attack is concerned, while looking at the dump file from the Cyber War News Article (and twitting with @DenisFrati about the strange fact that no police email addresses were included in the file but only personal email addresses), I recognized the accounts of several acquaintances among the leaked records. I immediately reminded that I had already seen the same accounts into another dump file, that is the pastebin containing the Vitrociset data, so I decided to have a look: only a coincidence? Not at all, since the Italian Police dump just released is exactly the old Vitrociset File that a cyber prankster decided to recycle. Have a look at the two files and draw your conclusion: except for the headers the two files are identical.

I wonder why in Italy everything is ridiculous in this period, and hacking is not an expection to this rule.

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