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Update August 19: As part of #FFF IV Antisec has released full torrent for Vanguard Defense Industries Hack.

The Antisec Typhoon seems unstoppable and has apparently hacked another Defense Contractor. Continuing their campaign against law enforcement agencies and related organizations, driven by the infamous hash #FFFriday, this time they have targeted Richard Garcia, the Senior Vice President of Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI). During the Breach nearly 4,713 emails and thousands of documents were stolen.

According to TechHerald, AntiSec targeted VDI’s website due to their relationship with several law enforcement agencies from Texas and other parts of the U.S., as well as their relationship with the FBI, the DHS, and U.S. Marshals Service. Moreover, with this hack Antisec (in)directly targeted FBI since Richard Garcia  is the former Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s field office in Los Angeles. To those supporting AntiSec, this alone is reason enough to target VDI and release Garcia’s corporate email to the public.

As usual the attack had been anticipated by an enigmatic and threatening tweet:

The emails were taken after AntiSec breached VDI’s website, based on the popular WordPress platform. According to Antisec source, VDI had two outdated plugins installed on their website, which had its development outsourced to a local marketing company in Texas. Although the person from AntiSec did not disclose the exact method used to access Garcia’s email, he stated that the hack was performed through the VDI website, and that his password was rather weak.

VDI is the responsible for ShadowHawk, an unmanned helicopter that can be tasked with aerial surveillance or equipped for military usage. At its base, the ShadowHawk comes with CCD TV optics, or an upgraded version includes CCD TV optics and FLIR optics. A third version, for military or law enforcement usage only, can be equipped with a single or multiple shot 37 mm or 40mm grenade launcher, as well as a 12g shotgun, and thermal cameras.

The is only the last leak to Defense Contractor, scroll down the list for attacks targeting Defense Contractors in this very troubled year:

Date Author Description Organization Attack
Feb 5

HBGary Federal

Anonymous hacks HBGary Federal Web Site, copies tens of thousands of documents, posts tens of thousands of emails online and usurps CEO Aaron Baar’s Twitter Account.

  Apr 6

L3 Communications

An E-mail dated April 6, sent to 5,000 employees of U.S. Defense Contractor L-3 warns of an attack attempt made with compromised SecureIDs. It is not clear if the attack was successful (it was revelead half a month later). This is in absolute the first attack perpetrated with RSA Seeds.

Compromised SecureID
May 21 ?

Lockheed Martin

This is the first known (and the only officially recognized so far) attack perpetrated with compromised SecureID seeds targeting a U.S. Defense Contractor. This Attack was detected before any sensitive information could be stolen. 100,000 accounts were locked as a precaution.

Compromised SecureID
May 26 ?

Northrop Grumman

Third U.S. Defense Contractor attacked using Compromised RSA Seeds. Attacked detected before any sensitive data was stolen.

  Jun 3


As part of the FFFriday campaign, LulzSec steals 180 usernames, real names, hashed and plain text passwords, are acquired and posted publicily

  Jul 8

IRC Federal

Anonymous attacks IRC Federal and dumps the content of the attack on a torrent available at The Pirate Bay. The dumped content include databases, private emails, contracts, development schematics, and internal documents for various government institutions.

July 11

Booz Hallen Hamilton

Anonymous attacks consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton and releases details of internal data including 90,000 military emails and passwords. Estimated cost of the breach is around $5,400,000.00.

Jul 11 ?

Unknown Contractor

The Pentagon reveals to have suffered a breach of 24,000 documents in March, during a single intrusion believed to have been perpetrated by a Foreign Country. As a consequence of the Intrusion, a classified U.S. Military Weapon System will need to be redesigned after specs and plans were stolen during the breach.

Jul 28

Mantech International Corporation

Anonymous hacks Mantech International Corporation, another FBI Contractor, as a consolidated tradition on Friday, and releases details of internal data and documsnts.

Jul 29

U.S. Law Enforcement Institutions

As part of the Antisec operation and in retaliation for the raids and the arrest again alleged Anonymous and LulzSec members, Anonymous attacks 77 U.S. Law Enforcement Institutions, defacing and destroying their servers.

Aug 1

PCS ConsultantsAnother U.S. Government contractor, PCS Consultants gets hacked by Anonymous & Antisec. Hackers extract website Database and leak it on the internet via Twitter on Pastebin (as usual!). Leaked Data include Admin’s and 110 users emails, plus passwords in encrypted hashes.
 Aug 16

Vanguard Defense Industries

Antisec targets Richard Garcia, the Senior Vice President of Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI). During the Breach nearly 4,713 emails and thousands of documents are stolen. As consolidated tradtion, the torrent is released on Friday, August the 19th.

Vulnerability in WordPress Hosting Platform

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  1. schlacht

    thanks for the lead …

  2. Anonymous

    Google “introduction to a stateless society”.

  3. schlacht

    Living on Mars or some off-shore non-nation sounds appealing to me. I hope they can pull something off with Mars – it’s a long shot, but they could do it, you’re right.

  4. ~A

    I’d be happy to write a book and to chat with all the anon’s antisecs Lulz.. I’m extremely interested in the defense contractors info, espically that deals with Bruce Ivins… Does anyone have any Intel on that subject that they want to get off their hands??? or is planning on getting any info on that note.. If so just tweet to ziconotide for future information on the subject…

    Another is the one way or two way Nasa mission that will be coming up soon to Mars..
    NASA…. A 2 way mission to Mars is quite possible and not that hard to acomplish fyi….
    Which requires sending up a single rocket with supplies for a traj. long/lats on Mars Next send one to 2 more sks that will land within 5 miles of the first with even more fuel and supplies to return spend one week there then return… I don’t mind making the trip either…

  5. schlacht

    I REALLY think Anon and Lulz needs to make sure they are documenting all the details and work with someone like you Paolo and write a book ! ! ! I’d buy it ! ! !

    A great way to fund things and an important tome for historical accuracy.

  6. Jacob

    Paolo, thank you very much for your interesting article. I found the timeline of Anonymous’ activities to be especially enlightening and I am glad you gathered the dates together. That said, as someone who has informally followed the entire adventure (because it truly is exciting) it seems a rather short list. Does anyone else have data on International Anonymous events and hacks? Thank you!

    1. Paolo Passeri

      Ciao Jacob,

      I try to keep a record of the main attacks, of course it cannot be complete because several operations are led by local anonymous splinter cells. Just as reference try to have a look to the following resources on my blogs where you can find other links.

      Main Cyber-attacks of 2011 including anonymous (original revision by Thomson Reuters):
      Main Cyber-attacks of 2011 (until July) revised with other attacks:
      Main Cyber-attacks of July 2011:

      A list has also been compiled by CNET, interesting as a starting point but non complete IMHO:

      Another useful resource is but in this case there is not a comprehensive list and you must scroll back the blog posts.

      Hope it helps!

  7. ~A

    This is your fault BUSH!!! I warned you stooges/suits over a year ago that a preverbal s#it storm would be coming, but even the FBI didn’t take it seriously enough…Aside from being stalked on occasion Even still have the email that was sent… How does the “supposedly” best agency feel when others without unlimited money and machines are telling you information long before it happens…

    My own personal quote to leave anyone with is:

    Only through Education can one gain true knowledge of the past, Lead in the Present, and with great knowledge to chage the Future ~A It’s Common Sense

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