Last Updated on August 9, 2011

The overlapping between Real Wars (and revolution) and Cyber Wars (or better to say Cyber Revolutions) is getting stronger and stronger. The last example, once again, in Syria with a sparring match between Anonymous and a group of Syrian Hackers.

Anonymous did the first move: following the bloody events in Syria, a couple of days ago Anoymous decided to deface the Syrian Ministry of Defense, leaving a note in support of the rioters.

Few hours later, in retaliation of the previous act, a Syrian Group of hackers has defaced (for the third time), Anonplus, the alternative Social Network in phase of deployment by Anonymous, posting several gruesome images.

Suspects are directed to Syrian Electronic Soldiers, which already defaced a previous domain of Anonplus, although it looks like  Anonymous claimed, by mean of a tweet from LulzSec Leader Sabu, that AnonPlus is not their any Official site.

Another further confirmation that Cyber War is really becoming the fifth domain of war…

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