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Last Updated on August 5, 2011

Update August 7: Italian Prison Guards, or better to say SAPPE (Sindacato Autonomo Polizia Penitenziaria which stands for Independent Union of Prison Guards) were effectively hacked.

The attack was disclosed 24 hours later with a resounding defacement on the Union Web Site www.sappe.it (currently unavailable). Not only the Homepage has been defaced, but also a message was left on pastebin (translation here).

Original Post on August 5: It looks like that the “Italian Chapters” of Anonymous and LulzSec are targeting Police under different fronts: after the infamous attack to Italian Cyber Police, and the following (two) attacks to Vitrociset, an italian police Contractor, the Italian Prison Guards are the last target under the unwelcome attention of the hacker crews.

At 13:00 PM a tweet announced -5 minutes to a surprise with a direct reference to Italian Prison Guards (#PoliziaPenitenziaria)

After 5 minutes an other tweet which has not probably met expectations: “Sorry for waiting, but I have the pasta waiting for me. As I finish it, I will be back. Ciao!”

A Hoax or the real attack? Probably in five minutes will get the answer, meanwhile you may always check the list of Cyber Attacks in July 2011.

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