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Last Updated on July 31, 2011

The Cruel Summer the title of this post refers to, is not the famous ’83 pop hit by Bananarama, but just a brief summary of what is happening on Information Security, most of all for those companies and istitutions falling among the target of Anonymous.

Yesterday the latest: as part of the #Antisec operation and in retaliation for the raids and the arrest again alleged Anonymous and LulzSec members (provided they are the right ones), Anonymous attacked 77 U.S. Law Enforcement Institutions, defacing and destroying their servers.

In the attack, as usual announced by Twitter, massive amounts of confidential and personal information were stolen (10 Gb according to Anonymous), including emails, passwords, classified documents, internal files, informant lists, and more.

Moreover 7,000 law enforcement officials’ private data were posted, including: social security numbers; email accounts and passwords; phone numbers and home addresses.

Here is the list of the compromised domains:

20jdpa.com, adamscosheriff.org, admin.mostwantedwebsites.net,
alabamasheriffs.com, arkansassheriffsassociation.com,
bakercountysheriffoffice.org, barrycountysheriff.com, baxtercountysheriff.com,
baxtercountysherifffoundation.org, boonecountyar.com, boonesheriff.com,
cameronso.org, capecountysheriff.org, cherokeecountyalsheriff.com,
cityofgassville.org, cityofwynne.com, cleburnecountysheriff.com,
coahomacountysheriff.com, crosscountyar.org, crosscountysheriff.org,
drewcountysheriff.com, faoret.com, floydcountysheriff.org, fultoncountyso.org,
georgecountymssheriff.com, grantcountyar.com, grantcountysheriff-collector.com,
hodgemansheriff.us, hotspringcountysheriff.com, howardcountysheriffar.com,
izardcountyar.org, izardcountysheriff.org, izardhometownhealth.com,
jacksonsheriff.org, jeffersoncountykssheriff.com, jeffersoncountyms.gov,
jocomosheriff.org, johnsoncosheriff.com, jonesso.com, kansassheriffs.org,
kempercountysheriff.com, knoxcountysheriffil.com, lawrencecosheriff.com,
lcsdmo.com, marioncountysheriffar.com, marionsoal.com, mcminncountysheriff.com,
meriwethercountysheriff.org, monroecountysheriffar.com, mosheriffs.com,
mostwantedgovernmentwebsites.com, mostwantedwebsites.net,
newtoncountysheriff.org, perrycountysheriffar.org, plymouthcountysheriff.com,
poalac.org, polkcountymosheriff.org, prairiecountysheriff.org,
prattcountysheriff.com, prentisscountymssheriff.com, randolphcountysheriff.org,
rcpi-ca.org, scsosheriff.org, sebastiancountysheriff.com, sgcso.com,
sharpcountysheriff.com, sheriffcomanche.com, stfranciscountyar.org,
stfranciscountysheriff.org, stonecountymosheriff.com, stonecountysheriff.com,
talladegasheriff.org, tatecountysheriff.com, tishomingocountysheriff.com,
tunicamssheriff.com, vbcso.com, woodsonsheriff.com

It has been an hard Week-End, started with the hack of ManTech, and just ended (maybe) with this further resounding action…

Luckily this dirty July is nearly over… from the meteorological point of view, this summer is not very hot, at least in Italy, the same can not be said for Information Security for which I do not remember a month so troubled. Will it end here, or will the peak (of meterological and information security temperatures) be reached in August?

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