Last Updated on July 27, 2011

The CNAIPIC Hack is becoming paradoxical. Yesterday Italian Security Professional (and Italian Newspapers) are literally gone crazy in analyzing the event, divided between those who claimed a huge and real damage (in terms of image and substance) for Cyber Italian Police, and those who raised doubts on the event, supported by the few details provided concerning the incident, together with the uncertain identity and origin of the attackers.

A couple of hours ago the last “coup de théâtre”: an official statement (in Italian) from the Italian Anonymous in which they (and the LulzSec) deny the paternity of the attack and dissociate themselves feom the hack (after dedicating ample space to the leak in their blog, claiming responsibility for it), because of the impossibility to verify the veracity of the information. Similarly, after so much noise, the tweets from the two groups are silent since 5/6 hours.

According to the Italian Anonymous the hack is exclusively attributable to the crew NKWT LOAD which is in no way related to Anonymous or LulzSec, and which is the only to possess the 8gbs of data. As a consequence, they may not confirm the accusations against CNAIPIC. At the same way they do not know which vulnerability was exploited to perform the hack.

At the beginning the action seemed a clear retaliation for the Italian Cyber Police raids against the Italian Anonymous splinter cell, but now differente hypotheses are open: a hoax, real data leaked from an Internal source, a simple 8 Gb USB key lost from a contractor or rather an attack from a foreign cyber army (with the attempt to introduce a red harring against the Anonymous)? To be continued with one clear evidence: when dealing with Italian Affairs, using a local expression, “The situation is always desperate but never serious”.

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