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Last Updated on June 24, 2011

Are you an hardcore Playstation gamer hit by the infamous PSN Breach? (the infamous PSN Breach not the (In)famous PS3 hit… Or rather are you a Citi Card Holder afraid that your card, not yet replaced, has been compromised?

You can sleep peaceful sleep since you may check right now, for free, if your credit card has been compromised. Simply surf to:


Insert your Credit Card and check. All for free!

Done? Ok!, now click on the “About” link on the page to discover that this is a mere provocation done by some coders to educate users about the dangers of phishing which will revamp after the numerous breaches of sensitive data which are characterizing this 2011.

In any case better to be careful when playing with CC numbers, most of all from mobile devices… If you still have any concerns about the leakages by Lulzec and Anonymous, you can always check if your email addresses and passwords are safe

Thanks to my colleague Massimo Biagiotti for reporting the CC link!

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