Last Updated on June 22, 2011

Update 06/22/2011: Other tweets of Cyberwar: it lools like the Operation #OptItaly is going on. Currently the site is under DDoS attack and does not reply correctly to connection requests (it takes too much to load and sometimes the page is not open).

It looks like that the #AntiSec Operation has landed in Italy. The Anonymous boats have bulleted their ammunitions against some Web Sites affiliated with PM Silvio Berlusconi and, although the operation started more than ten hours ago, the situation is not completelely back to normal.

Yesterday evening the web sites were invested with an impressive wave of DDos attacks: all the sites were unavailable and right now, is still not responding.

This is the first (known) example of the #AntiSec (Anti-Security) operation in Italy issued by the hacker group Lulzsec (famous for the repeated attacks to Sony, Nintendo, CIA and FBI-affiliated). The #AntiSec manifesto declares a real cyber war, whose top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation (with banks and other high-ranking establishments declared as Prime Targets) “teaming up with the Anonymous collective and all affiliated battleships.”

For the chronicle the first act of this cyberwar has been a massive DDoS attack against SOCA on June, the 20th, and yesterday a fake declaration was posted on pastebin indicating the next release of the 2011 UK Census.

Moreover, yesterday a joint operation between FBI and Scoltland Yard arrested Ryan Cleary, an 19 years old boy in Essex, claimed to be the head of the LulzSec group. After an initial silence the LulzSec tweets were back indicating the boy arrested was a “simple” Admin of a server used for IRC (here a full story with an amusing perspective from the famous tabloid The Sun) and was in no way affiliated to the group.

The revenge of the group was merciless: LulSec replied leaking personal information of two hackers claimed to have supported FBI and Scotland Yard (defined “FBI & other law enforcement clowns”) for the investigations.

The war is just beginning no holds barred.

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