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Last Updated on May 6, 2011

The leopard cannot change its spots and not even its tweets.

As mentioned on the previous related post, after the sudden panicking disappeareance, @PrimorisEra (in the world Shawna Gorman), the (alleged) “spy who tweeted me” (actually not me but quite a lot of Homeland Security Experts), has come back with a new identity @LadyCaesar, and, although her new avatar does not show geek-attracting pictures, it looks like she has not lost the old habits (although currently following only 413 people).

I would be very curious to find (if any) the hidden links of her digital identity with the the Roman History, Primoris Era, in Latin, should sound similar to “The Foremost Age” (yes the foremost age of Social Espionage), while LadyCaesar does not need any translation, and clearly refers to the Oscar Wilde’s poem quoted on her Bio (Ave Imperatrix).

Maybe the hidden link is easier than it seems: Caesar probably recalls military sciences, just like her PROLIFIC tweets about various missile programs for which she is the lady as clearly stated in her short Bio, even if the Primoris Era still sounds meaningless to me.

Even if the her tweets are protected (and who knows, if the digital identity hides the same previous identity), my sixth sense (and one half) suggests she keeps on following (and DM-ing) Defense and Security Expert: I noticed among her connections, some common names, by chance all dealing with military related issues. Maybe she hopes to steal the secrets of the stealth Airwolf used on OBL raid?

Lesson Not Learned: albeit the (maybe exaggerated) echo raised from the history, the leopard cannot change its spots, not even its tweets and, definitively, its followers as well.

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