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Last Updated on March 30, 2011

Only a couple of days after the post dealing with the impact of Internet Connectivity and Social Networks for propaganda (and more in general for PsyOps Operation) my dear friend and Colleague David Cenciotti reported to me an interesting article dealing with the use of  Twitter for psyops campaign (after the tweets of war for aleged military operations I already talked about)… Only a few hours and it happened exactly what I had theorized (even if in a quite sophisticated manner).

As a matter of fact, as reported in the above quoted article, it looks like a patriot hacker, named The Jester (th3j35t3r) used Twitter to send specific messages to erode the morale of the loyalist enemy troops. For sure no one ever before today had never thought of taking so literally the well-known twetter motto “Follow me”, which sounds much better as “Follow My Thoughts”.

This occurrence confirms the need of keeping the internet connections up and running during military operations. Next prophecy? Will we soon see wi-fi drones in the Unified Protector Operation? And Maybe Loyalist hackers performing wardriving against them?

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