One Year Of Android Malware (Full List)

Update August 14: After the list (and the subsequent turmoil) here is the Look Inside a Year Of Android Malware.... Read More

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Happy Birthday! One Year of Android Malware

Exactly One year ago (9 August 2010) Kaspersky discovered the first SMS Trojan for Android in the Wild dubbed SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a. This is considered a special date for the Google Mobile OS, since, before then, Android Malware was a litte bit more than en exercise of Style, essentially focused on Spyware. After that everything changed, and mobile malware targeting the Android OS become more and more sophisticated.... Read More

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DroidDream: Dopo Il Danno La Beffa

D’accordo, √® tardi, sono stanco e domani devo lavorare ma, ancora una volta, non ho resistito alla tentazione di segnalare l’ennesima beffa, in termini di sicurezza, ai danni del povero Androide.... Read More

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