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January 2012 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part 2)

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The second half of January is gone, and it is undoubtely clear that this month has been characterized by hacktivism and will be remembered for the Mega Upload shutdown. Its direct and indirect aftermaths led to an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks in terms of LOIC-Based DDoS (with a brand new self service approach we will need to get used to), defacements and more hacking initiatives against several Governments and the EU Parliament, all perpetrated under the common umbrella of the opposition to SOPA, PIPA and ACTA. These attacks overshadowed another important Cyber Event: the Middle East Cyberwar (which for the sake of clarity deserved a dedicated series of posts, here Part I and Part II) and several other major breaches (above all Dreamhost and New York State Electric & Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric).

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One Year Of Lulz (Part II)

Christmas has just gone and here it is my personal way to wish you a Happy New Year: the second part of my personal chart (first part here) of Main 2011 Cyber Attacks covering the time window from August to November 2011 (December is not yet finished, and featuring remarkable events, so expect an update very soon). This memorable year is nearly over and is time, if you feel nostalgic, to scroll down the second part of the list to review the main Cyber Events that contributed, in my opinion, to change the landscape and the rules of the (information security) game. Many events in this period among whom, IMHO, the most noticeable is the one carried on against Diginotar. Since then our trust in conventional authentication models is not (and will not be) the same anymore.

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October 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I)

October has come and here it is, also for this month, the first part of my Cyber Attacks Timeline covering the cyber events occurred in the first half of the current month.... Read More

September 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part II)

Here it is the second part of my traditional monthly Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I available here). From an information Security Perspective the main events of this month were the infamous Diginotar breach which led to Bankrupt for the Dutch Company and also the BEAST attack to SSL, two events which, together, thumbed the Infosec Community in its stomach.... Read More

September 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I)

So here it is, also for this month, the first part of My Cyber Attacks Timeline covering the first half of September.... Read More

Tragedie Reali e Sciacalli Virtuali (Aggiornamento)

Gli sconvolgimenti naturali a cui è ciclicamente sottoposto il genere umano generano tra gli uomini reazioni contrastanti: da un lato esempi di solidarietà che in condizioni normali sarebbero impensabili, dall’altro episodi di turpe sciacallaggio da parte di chi vede nella disgrazia un modo per arricchirsi.... Read More

Se L’Androide Evapora

L’ultima segnalazione in fatto di malware per il povero Androide ce la segnala Symantec. E’ di queste ore la notizia della scoperta di un nuovo malware per il povero Androide senza pace. Android.Pjapps, questo il nome del malware, che si nasconde dietro una applicazione lecita: Steamy Window che nella sua versione pulita, vaporizza lo schermo dell’Androide, e nella versione bacata ne vaporizza anche la sicurezza.... Read More

La Sindrome Cinese

Nel giorno in cui anche alla RSA Conference 2011 è stato ribadito che “E’ ora di prepararsi per le minacce mobili”, la Sindrome Cinese ha nuovamente colpito l’Androide che, in poche ore, è stato vittima di un nuovo malanno informatico. Ancora proveniente dalla Cina, ancora caratterizzato dal fatto di utilizzare come vettore di infezione un store di applicazioni parallelo cinese. A quanto pare quindi il malware Geinimi ha fatto proseliti.... Read More

Dalla Cina Con Furore Arriva Il Dragone Della Notte

Non sto parlando del titolo di un film di Bruce Lee in versione notturna, ma dell’ultimo arrivato nella poco ambita Hall Of Fame dei malware aventi come obiettivo le infrastrutture critiche.... Read More