July 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline

This awful infosec July is over, and finally we can sum up the Cyber Attacks reported during this month. I collected all the available information and inserted it inside the following chart. Where possible (that is enough information available) I tried to estimate the cost of the attacks using the indications from the Ponemon’s insitute according to which the average cost of a Data Breach is US $214 for each compromised record. The total sum (for the known attacks) is around $7.6 billion, mainly due to the “National Data Breach” of the South Korean Social Network Cyworld.... Read More

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10.. 100.. 1000.. 2011 Pad…

Il 2011 sarĂ  l’anno dei pad, per tutti i gusti, tutte le esigenze, tutti i sistemi operativi e (speriamo) per tutte le tasche.... Read More

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