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The Importance of Data (Part II)

In a previous post entitled “The Importance of Data (Part I)” we have shown several charts built using the data collected from Hackmageddon.

Inside the same study we have created some additional charts representing the variation of the data collected on a “year over year” basis.

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The Importance of Data (Part I)

In information security, raw data is an important piece of information to understand the threat landscape, however it must be opportunely correlated to create value added.

In these terms, as a security department, we monitor the attackers and, more in general, the security events in our infrastructure.  The ultimate goal is to identify patterns and, possibly, to anticipate future threats.

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May 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Countries May 2015It’s time to aggregate the two timelines of May 2015 (Part I and Part II) into statistics. Nothing new for the Country Distribution: the US rank at number one (and the UK appear a valuable target either, as it gets the second place emerging over the other countries).

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April 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Country DistributionEven if I am little late, I can finally publish the statistics derived from cyber attacks timelines of April (Part I and Part II).

Something new happened in the Country Distribution chart. I am not obviously referring to the large red circle labeled US (a consolidated trend that is far to be overturned), but rather to Israel which, for the first time, ranks on top of the countries hit by attacks motivated by hacktivism. Clearly a consequence of the multiple actions perpetrated against this country in name of the so-called “OpIsrael” (even if, in reality, the damages inflicted were not so relevant).

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March 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Country DistributionIt’s time to aggregate the two Cyber Attack Timelines for March 2015 (Part I and Part II) into statistics.

As always, let’s start from the Country Distribution chart, which, similarly to March, sees the United States on top, followed by the United Kingdom and Australia.

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February 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Country Feb 2015Here we go with the aggregated statistics extracted from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of February 2015 (Part I and Part II).

As we normally do, let’s start from the Country Distribution Chart, which is led, as usual, by the United States. All the other countries are essentially aligned on the same level, with the sole exception of the United Kingdom, which slightly emerges over the others.

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January 2015 Cyber Attacks Statistics

country-distributionIt is time to summarize the data collected into the January 2015 Cyber Attacks timelines (Part I and Part II) into valuable statistics.

Many readers keep on asking where the information used to create the stats comes from. The answer is always the same: the statistics are created elaborating the timelines that I collect (approximately) on a bi-weekly basis and I publish on this blog (see also the Cyber Attacks Master Index).

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2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics (Aggregated)

As I did exactly one year ago, I have consolidated all the stats collected during 2014 with the intention to provide an high level overview of the past year. Of course this data does not pretend be exhaustive, I’d rather prefer to define the charts as macro-indicators of the threat landscape and the corresponding trends, since the sources of the timelines (from which the stats are derived) are open and therefore only show cyber attacks that were discovered and gained space in the news.

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December 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountryThe new year has just begun, and here we are with the last blog post for the 2014 just gone related to the Cyber Attacks statistics derived from the timelines of December (Part I and Part II).

As usual, the US dominate the Country Distribution Chart for all the sectors taken into consideration, well ahead all the other countries.

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November 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountryIt’s time for the statistics derived from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of November (Part I and Part II).

Let us begin with the Country Distribution chart that, easy predictable, shows the US on top of all categories. However, globally, even Italy, Canada and UK show up, respectively for Hacktivism (the first two countries) and Cyber Crime (the latter).

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