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Another Certification Authority Breached (the 12th!)

2011 CA Attacks Timeline (Click To Enlarge)This year is nearly at the end but it looks like it is really endless, at least from an Information Security Perspective. As a matter of fact this 2011 will leave an heavy and embarassing heritage to Information Security: the Certification Authority authentication model, which has been continuously under siege in this troubled year; a siege that seems endless and which has shown its ultimate expression on the alleged compromise of yet another Dutch Certification Authority: Gemnet.

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Stuxnet, Bufale E Dragoni: Il giorno dopo le rivelazioni del NYT

L’ondata del giorno dopo sembra stia un po’ mitigando il fuoco mediatico appiccato dal New York Times, dopo la pubblicazione dell’articolo in cui si sosteneva un complotto USA Israeliano, alla base del virus Stuxnet.... Read More