1-15 March 2013 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Other troubles for system administrators: March is confirming the 2013 dangerous trend with several high profile breaches against industrial, financial

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SCADA Security: Bridge the Gap

Utilities and Security Vendors are taking very seriously the events of Stuxnet and they’re consequently running for cover. Although due to natural events, the dramatic facts of Fukushima have shown to the entire World (and likely to Cyber-terrorists) how close we are to the abyss of a nuclear meltdown, with the consequent fear that a simil-Stuxnet malware could give the final push (even if according to some urban legends Stuxnet might have played a role in the failure of cooling systems afterward the Tsunami of March 11, 2011).... Read More

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Smart Grid? Dumb Security!

Gli eventi che stanno sconquassando il Vecchio Continente ai suoi confini meridionali ripropongono purtroppo l’immancabile litania del problema energetico che lega indissolubilmente l’Occidente ai paesi produttori di petrolio in cui, guarda a caso, il livello dei diritti civili (e indirettamente la stabilità politica) è sempre inversamente proporzionale ai barili di petrolio prodotti.... Read More

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