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16-31 March 2013 Cyber Attacks Timeline

First part here: 1-15 March 2013 Cyber Attacks Timeline

March is gone and hence it is time to analyze the events that characterized the past month.

Two events in particular gained the first pages of the magazines: the wiper malware in Korea and the DDoS attack against Spamhaus that, maybe exaggerating, has been defined the “biggest attack in history”.

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Middle East Cyber War Timeline (Part 5)

Click here for the Middle East Cyber War Master Index with the Complete Timeline.

This week of Cyber War on the Middle East front, has shown a slight change on the Cyber Conflict trend. For the first time since January, psyops have deserved a primary role, maybe on the wake of the video released by the Anonymous against Israel one week ago. Not only the Jerusalem Post calls the video into question, but also argues that it may have been forged by Iran, identifying a state sponsored impersonation behind the entry of Anonymous in this cyber war.

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November 2011 Cyber Attacks Timeline (Part I)

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Virus e Servizi Segreti (Ancora Su Stuxnet)

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E’ di questa mattina la notizia, secondo il New York Times, che il famigerato malware Stuxnet, il virus delle centrali nucleari, sarebbe stato sviluppato da un team composto da Israeliani e Americani (con la collaborazione indiretta degli ingegneri tedeschi di Siemens) presso il complesso israleliano di Dimona, nel bel mezzo del deserto del Negev.... Read More