Middle East Cyber War Timeline (Part 5)

Click here for the Middle East Cyber War Master Index with the Complete Timeline. This week of Cyber War on

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Another Stuxnet from the “Stars”?

According to Jerusalem Post, Iran has been targeted by a Second Cyber Attack after Stuxnet. The new malware has been dubbed Stars, and, according to Iran officials, has been intercepted before it could make further damages.... Read More

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Tweets Of Freedom (Updated)

It was exactly a month ago when commenting on the Mobile Warfare in Syria, I predicted a possible peak in the protests for the half of April. Unfortunately I was a (quite easy actually) good prophet even if my prediction was not completely correct since we are now in the second half of the month. The wave is moving and in the last days the situation has plunged: protests are rising and from the “Black Friday”, the day in which the protests reached the peak, sources report nearly 300 victims in the wave of violence which shook the Country.... Read More

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