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December 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountryThe new year has just begun, and here we are with the last blog post for the 2014 just gone related to the Cyber Attacks statistics derived from the timelines of December (Part I and Part II).

As usual, the US dominate the Country Distribution Chart for all the sectors taken into consideration, well ahead all the other countries.

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1-15 December 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

It’s time for the first Cyber Attacks Timeline of December (and the last for 2014).

Of course the attention of the infosec professionals is still concentrated on the devastating cyber attack against Sony happened in November (and the world as we know it, won’t be the same again), nonetheless this first 15 days have shown some remarkable events, not least the news of a breach happened earlier this year to Sony (once again), which went unreported.

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November 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountryIt’s time for the statistics derived from the Cyber Attacks Timelines of November (Part I and Part II).

Let us begin with the Country Distribution chart that, easy predictable, shows the US on top of all categories. However, globally, even Italy, Canada and UK show up, respectively for Hacktivism (the first two countries) and Cyber Crime (the latter).

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1-15 November 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

The first half of November is gone, so it’s time for the list of the main cyber attacks occurred during these fifteen days.

Confirming the trend of the last months, the activity has been quite sustained. For sure, the most remarkable attack has targeted the Turkish branch of HSBC, and has affected 2.7 million customers, whose credit cards have been compromised (and apparently the bank has decided not to issue new cards for the impacted users).

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October 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

CountriesHere we are with the statistics extracted from the October cyber attacks timelines (part I and part II).

I have already stressed this concept many times, but some readers keep on asking where the data is scraped from. The answer is simple and always the same: I compile the timelines each month, quoting the sources in the footnotes. Each month I elaborate the data trying to represent them in charts, which of course cannot be exhaustive, but just give an idea of what’s going on in the cyberspace.

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16-31 October 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

It’s time for the second timeline of October (Part I here) covering the main cyber attacks between the 16th and 31st: yet another consistent list confirming the growing trend of the last period.

In particular, in these two weeks the most important events have been spotted inside Cyber Espionage, whose chronicles report, among other, a state-sponsored attack to an unclassified network of the White House, a relevant number of operations (APT 28, Operation Pawn Storm, Operation SMN, Operation DeathClick, a tail of the infamous Sandworm), and even a man-in-the-middle attack against Chinese iCloud users.

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1-15 October 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

Here we go with the first timeline of the main Cyber Attacks happened in October (according to my personal evaluation metric).

Two weeks very active from an information security perspective. The list of attacks is quite long and heterogeneous, with massive breaches (The Snappening and a list of nearly 7.000.000 compromised accounts used to brute-force Dropbox), a rich list of cyber crime and cyber espionage campaigns, a renewed burst of the cyber war between India and Pakistan, and a couple of operations orchestrated by hacktivists.

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September 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

I have finally found the time to aggregate the data of September (Part I and Part II) into statistics.

As usual, let us start with the analysis of the Daily Trend of Attacks, which shows quite an heterogeneous trend with two peaks exactly at the beginning of the month and in the middle (yes, curiously during a weekend).

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1-15 September 2014 Cyber Attacks Timeline

This month will be probably remembered for the Home Depot breach. Yet another one caused by the same POS malware family that hit Target, with a similar dramatic extension: unfortunately the retailer believes that 56 million of credit cards could have been compromised in this case. After such a similar gigantic breach there is not so much to add as far as Cyber Crime is concerned, as it overshadowed all the rest.

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August 2014 Cyber Attacks Statistics

It’s time to aggregate the stats of the August Cyber Attacks Timelines (Part I and Part II).

As usual, let us start from the Daily Trend of Attacks, which shows quite a heterogeneous trend with two peaks around the 18 and 21 August. Despite the summer, the overall level of attacks has been quite high throughout the month.

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