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1 – 15 August Cyber Attacks Statistics

First of all, let me begin with great news: The Cyber Attacks Statistics page is complete with all the data collected so far: I created and inserted even the charts for January, so I am currently covering (and will cover) the whole 2012.... Read More

February 2012 Stats added to the Cyber Attacks Master Index!

The Cyber Attack Timeline for the first half of August is almost ready (I plan to publish it tomorrow), meanwhile I added the February 2012 statistics to the Cyber Attacks Statistics Page.... Read More

Several Small Enhancements to 2012 Cyber Attacks Statistics

I wrote a small script to automate the parsing of the data collected in the Cyber Attacks Timelines. I am just verifying the data for January and February 2012 for which I did not publish any statistics. I was already able to classify the data for March 2012, whose results you can see in the Statistics page.... Read More

New Section on Hackmageddon!

You will probably have already noticed a new item on the upper menu bar called “Cyber Attacks Statistics“. Here is the big news: for the sake of simplicity and completeness, I have decided to collect on a single page all the cyber attacks statistics derived from the timelines.... Read More

May 2012 Cyber Attacks Statistics

As I did last month for the Cyber Attacks occurred in April, I have aggregated the data collected on the timelines of May (on the right) in order to provide a consolidated view of the month according to the three parameters of Motivations Behind Attacks, Distribution of Targets and Distribution of Attack Techniques. Again, no need to repeat that data must be taken very carefully since they do refers only to discovered attacks (the so-called tip of the iceberg), and hence do not pretend to be exhaustive but only aim to provide an high level overview of the “cyber landscape” of the month.... Read More