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Update to the Cyber Attacks Timelines and Statistics

August 2013 CountriesI have updated the 2013 Cyber Attacks Timeline Master Index and the related Cyber Attacks Statistics. Now the two pages show all the data (and the related statistics) collected since January to August 2013. September data will be included once ready (hopefully in one week).... Read More

June 2013 Cyber Attacks Statistics

Here we are with the statistics for the cyber attacks included in the June 2013 timelines (part I and part II). A priori this month should have been characterized by huge operations (such as the infamous OpPetrol), instead, all in all, the cyber activity was quite moderated as shown by the Daily Trend of Attack chart, that shows a single remarkable peak around the 3rd of July (when several primary DNS providers were the victims of DDoS attacks).... Read More